Online Medical Reference Material and Resources

Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resources

International Network for Interfaith Health Practices,IHP-NET

From there select "Internet Health Resources." Also, links to some excellent Net search engines on the "On-Ramp to the World" page.

USA Mirror Site for the Health Info-Com Network

This site is modelled after the original Singapore site, but there is also a WAIS searching capability of documents contained within this site, as well as more HTML of the documents, etc.

Slice of Life World Wide Web Server

Plans call for the Slice of Life server to consist of three components: (1) Information about Slice of Life, including its mission statements; current projects; and workshop information; (2) Links to an ftp site (mentioned above) containing demos of Slice of Life software; and (3) the Slice of Life Sampler, consisting of digitized public domain images from the Slice of Life Videodisc.

The Health Care Financing Administration Homepage

(The Medicare and Medicaid Agency)

Latino Net

University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry

It contains information about the program as well as a few pointers to useful locations.

Newton PDA Medical Web site and archive

Descriptions of currently available software and works-in-progress can be accessed as well as links to download those applications that have been made available at various ftp sites.

Family Health Radio Series Files

From the Ohio University Telecommunications Center and the College of Osteopathic Medicine. These 2.5 minute programs are designed to provide information about a variety of common health problems.


RENALNET is a new resource available to every member of the Nephrology and ESRD Community.

Quick Information About Cancer For Patients And Their Families

Gourdji, Judith; Hinton, Susan

Emotional Support: Physical Loss, Chronic Illness, and Bereavement

Juhnke, Joanne; Powell, Christina

Women's Health Resources on the Internet

Lea, Julie; Segal, Tricia

International Society of Nephrology Commission on Acute Renal Failure Homepage

Quick Information About Cancer for Patients and Their Families

The Dictionary of Cell Biology (Second edition)

Academic Press

Federally-Funded Research in the U.S.

Is a series of databases that provide information about research funded by the Federal Government. These databases contain the names and addresses of Principal Investigators, grant titles, abstracts, and keywords associated with grants funded by the NIH - National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, the USDA - U.S. Department of Agriculture, the SBIR - Small Business Innovation Research Program and the ATP Advanced Technology Program.

Immunization Action Coalition Homepage

The Coalition's WWW home page will provide people with electronic versions of their newsletters, "Needle Tips" and Hepatitis B Coalition News", as well as provide a mailing address to their organization on the Internet.

Stanford Center For Tuberculosis Research, USA.

Metronome Online Press, Inc.

Our first offering is a set o catalogs of continuing professional education for physicians, nurses, and dentists. Currently the listings include courses offered at sites throughout the USA by accredited providers. Users can browse announcements by course topic, course date, and course location.

Global Emergency Medicine Archives

TraumAID: Decision Support

The Medical College of Ohio WWW Server

Tour the Medical College of Ohio's beautiful 350-acre Toledo, Ohio campus. Learn about the School of Medicine, Graduate School and the Schools of Nursing & Allied Health. Also visit the Medical College teaching Hospital, medical Library, and the Center for Creative Instruction.

Medical Education Page

By Gregory Allen. The current FAQ is there as well as many links that might be useful to pre-med or medical students, or anyone else who just wants to browse.

Interactive BodyMind Information System IBIS

IBIS is a large software reference tool for clinical practice, teaching and research. It provides treatment options and materia medica information for 282 conditions from the perspectives of nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture, Western and Chinese herbs, psychospiritual approaches, physical medicine, vibrational healing, etc.

The Medical Informatics Laboratory of the Department of Computer and Systems Science (University of Pavia, Italy)

The server will be devoted to the documentation of the research activities of the laboratory. The laboratory is involved in several high-level projects and international collaborations that are mainly focused on the medical applications of Artificial Intelligence and various aspects of Medical Informatics in general. The server currently features:
o Information about the lab: the staff, recent papers, hardware and software resources;
o A list of research projects, including an extensive description of the "Logic-based Belief Maintenance System" (with an on-line demo);
o Information about the AIME95 meeting, to be held in Pavia on 25-28 June 1995;
o Information about Pavia and its university;
o A comment form to interact with the laboratory staff.


Department of Pharmacy, University of Manchester. PharmWeb is intended to be a pharmacy information resource and link to other pharmacy servers on the Internet. It includes information on academic institutions, companies, societies, mailing lists, newsgroups, plus lots more. There are over 40 pages written with more planned.


National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship and Marshall Kragen. Cansearch's objective is to assist cancer patients and family to find the many resources on the Internet relating to cancer. By following the instructions given and the links provided considerable information should be made available to assist as to the specifics of each case.


Sponsored by Pharmaceutical Information Associates, Ltd. (PIA Ltd) PharmInfoNet(tm) is devoted to delivering useful, up-to-date, and accurate pharmaceutical information to pharmacists, physicians, and patients. Some of the resources found on PharmInfoNet include: o A database of articles from PIA Ltd publications Medical Sciences Bulletin and Transgenica: Topics in Clinical Biotechnology,
o DrugFAQs(tm) - Frequently Asked Questions about drugs with answers from pharmaceutical manufacturers and other approved sources,
o PharmMall(tm) - an area for companies -- pharmaceutical manufacturers, publishers, software developers, etc. -- to place their home pages, catalogs, and product information,
o A rotating exhibit of pharmaceutical and pharmacy-related art, photographs and multimedia museum tours,
o A moderated archive of drug-related discussion threads from the newsgroup arranged by drug category, and
o Links to other Internet sites of interest to pharmaceutical professionals.

Physician Assistant web Page

It is the national resource on the net for and about the Physician Assistant profession.

The Medical Sciences Bulletin Back Articles

MSB is a monthly publication designed for but not limited to an audience of health-care professionals (pharmacologists, pharmacists, nurses, physicians, clinical researchers). Its focus is the theory and practice of clinical pharmacology.

CDC Mortality and Morbidity Reports

CDC National AIDS Clearinghouse Internet Services

Contains files of documents such as the current _HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report_, the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research's clinical practice guidelines including _Understanding HIV: Consumer Guidelines_ and _Managing Early HIV Infection: Quick Reference Guidelines_, pathfinder guides to AIDS information, and in the future, the Clearinghouse's Standard Search Series.

CDC Clearinghouse's gopher site

Contains the _AIDS Daily Summary_, AIDS-related _Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report_ articles, tables from the CDC's _HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report_, and other CDC documents. Basic HIV/AIDS-related information is available, as well as information about prevention, treatment, and living with HIV.

DERWeb home page

Dental Education Resources on the Web,Sheffield University. The main aim of this project is to provide a library of digital images available for use to improve the teaching of, and research into, dentistry. These will be available over the WWW, and it is aimed to eventually include some 3,000 images. The project also aims to offer a variety of teaching material and other information on educational technology in dentistry.

PHYSIO Hypermail archive facility


University of South Australia.
Currently available is:
o Physiotherapy Mailing List Archives.
o Conference Announcements.
o Usenet FAQ's.
o Images Database.
o Health Related Information Services.
o Tutorials - Information Technology in Teaching and Learning.
o Search Tools.

The American Academy of Pediatrics

The Medical List

Immunomodulation in Immune Disorders and Organ Substitution

This is an announce of Joint Meeting of INFA( International Faculty of Int. Soc. Artif. Organs) and 3rd WAITS (World Artificial Organ, Immunology and Transplantation Symposium)

GEMA: Global Emergency Medicine Archives

The Medical List Gopher Server

The Medical List is a database of clinical medicine Internet resources. This new and improved version categorizes resources by disease and specialty. It subcategorizes the resources as web or interactive resources. This new version lists more than 60 new entries. The Medical List gives text descriptions of resources, spotlights the more developed programs, and gives news and backround on Internet medical resource development.

The Medical List WWW Server

Malaria Database WWW Page

This is funded by the UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases and is intended to foster research into malaria by providing useful information to workers in the field. The files that can be accessed from the web page are identical to those available from the anonymous ftp site at


The aim of this server, located in the green heart of Europe in Luxemburg, is to provide to health care professionals and students starting points to access Web-servers around the whole world as well as local information and medical related software. Thus we have regrouped a variety of telematic services to cover the needs and interests of the various health professionals. In order to do this, subjects are not limited to medical point of view, but also cover administrative, laboratory and other topics.

UPENN Cancer Homepage

HealthNet WWW Demonstration

Web page for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/CFIDS/ME)

This page points to resources for doctors and patients, including medical articles, several FAQs, an electronic medical newsletter, the CFS Newswire service, discussion groups, and more. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is an emerging illness whose symptoms can vary widely. In its worst forms it can be totally disabling. CFS is also known as chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS), myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E.), and in the past has been known as chronic Epstein-Barr virus syndrome. Hispanic Health Home Page