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What Is the Sprawl Net?

The Sprawl Net is a forum devoted to the topic of urban sprawl. Based at the Rice University School of Architecture in Houston, Texas, the Sprawl Net is an attempt to use the multimedia capabilities of the World Wide Web to collect information, ideas, and opinions about the contemporary sprawling landscape, and to encourage interested people from a wide variety of fields to work together.

The Sprawl Net is primarily intended for professionals, students, and academics in the fields of architecture, business, economics, marketing, journalism, art, politics, law enforcement, real estate, planning, social work, and cultural studies, though anyone may use it and anyone may submit works for inclusion. The Sprawl Net is moderated and edited by a small staff of students and faculty, with the assistance of an advisory board.

The Sprawl Net is newly hatched, and much of it is under construction. Our "What's Available" page catalogs all current exhibits and entries. Please revisit this site frequently to check out what's been added since your last visit.

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