Spanish Curriculum

Our highly qualified teachers use well-tested programs and up-to-date materials. The courses are designed to develop conversational and written skills. Instruction is one-on-one. Students select their schedule and advance at their own pace. Evaluation tests are given upon arrival to determine the student's level of knowledge in Spanish. Then the student is placed in a beginner, intermediate or advanced course.

Ecological Curriculum

The Eco-Escuela gives a unique opportunity to become a member of a non-profit organization working to save the rainforest by providing benefits to local communities. It is a chance to learn first-hand about tropical forests from native Peteneros and scientific experts. Lectures and classroom materials provide a sound introduction to tropical forest ecology. Field trips provide enriching experiences, taking students into areas rarely visited by tourists. Adventures in the forest will include floral and faunal observation, archeological tours and cultural exchanges with people in isolated "pueblos".

Volunteer program

Students can opt to volunteer in conservation and community development programs.

Living with a Family

Eco-Escuela students will be housed with San Andreño families. San Andreños are noted for their warmth and friendliness. They will welcome you in their simple, well kept homes and they will make you feel at ease in this picturesque, rustic lakeside pueblo.


Reservations may be made by mail, phone, fax or electronic mail. To secure your reservation in the Eco-Escuela we require:


Contact your local travel agent with ample time to make your reservations. There are daily flights to Flores, Peténfrom México, Belize and Guatemala City. Several bus lines also provide daily services to Petén from Guatemala City.


Thirty day entrance visas can be obtained upon arrival in Guatemala City. If visiting other Central American countries it is wise to inquire about visa requirements beforehand at their respective consulates.


Casa Ingeniero Asturias
Flores, Petén
Guatemala, Central America
Telefax (502)9 501370

Conservation International /ECO-ESCUELA
Conservation International
2501 M St NW
Suite 200
Washington DC, 20037
Tel:(800) 429-5660
Fax: (202) 887-5188

You may also contact the program director, at the following electronic mail address:


-Greatest amount of Biodiversity in Central America

-Largest protected tropical forest reserve in Central America

Heartland of the Ancient Maya Civilization, dense concentration of Maya ruins, including Tikal


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